EGS CoderDojo Schedule

The Coolest Projects in the RDS was really an exciting event with 800 entries and lots of events and interesting Talks. Our CoderSapien Robot performed wonderfully with movement, the arm, lights and the head rotating. With a few soldering fixes over the day, it maintained its cool and worked, entertaining many visitors. I am not sure they all appreciated how much hard work went into it but he was well appreciated.

The Next term of EGSCoderdojo is scheduled for the beginning of the school year, normally the second weekend after school starts at EGS.

I also would like to ask if there is anyone out there who might volunteer as Champion for next term, starting in September. Donovan will be in Transition Year and I will be unable to continue as Champion as we will be away some of the time. Can anyone that might help, please contact me.

Perhaps we should have a meeting of Parents the first Saturday after school starts just to discuss the future of EGSCoderdojo as it cannot really continue unless there is a team of people (wth IT skills or not) working together to run the dojo.

We will post information as soon as we decide on when and what. Calender

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